Operation Theatre Attendant

An Operation Theatre (OT) assistant plays a significant role in supporting health care professionals while dealing with patient care. The concerned person has thorough knowledge regarding the various aspects of working in an operation theatre such as bio medical waste management and infection control. OT assistant will be able to prepare the operation theatre, maintain equipment, sterilization, personal hygiene and assist the nurses and surgeons in various procedures during and after the surgery such as filling in the forms.

An OT assistant needs to be courteous and empathetic as he/she may have to deal with patients and relatives who may be mentally, physically and emotionally distressed from time to time. Following are the requirements of an OT assistant.


10 TH Pass with 45%


1 Year

  • One of the advantages of a career in this sector is that OT assistants can work in various medical settings.
  • They are exposed to many medical procedures and contribute to saving lives. It will enable them to work and train in the Operation Theatre as a part of the team wherein they will get a chance to learn about some new procedures and surgeries.
  • All members work together with the same end goal i.e. is to treat the patient in the best possible manner.
  • A career in this field will also acquaint the OT assistants with the latest technologies and trends and has a lot of scope for learning.