1. To develop a long-lasting relationship of Aman Bhalla Group of institutes around the world.
2. To create a space where former students and faculty may stay in touch with one another and with their old mater.
3. To make use of the resources and knowledge of alumni for the Institute’s overall development.
4. To collect donations from alumni for strengthening the Institute’s infrastructure.
5. To utilize the donations from alumni, to provide scholarships, awards, and medals to deserving and deserving youngsters.
6. To upgrade library and lab amenities with the help of alumni.
7. To develop job prospects for both current and former students by interacting with knowledgeable alumni.
8. To plan seminars, conferences, and expert lectures for the purpose of exchanging alumni’s knowledge and experience.
9. To plan the alumni’s annual convention, this will include social, literary, and cultural events.
10. To present honorary titles or other accolades to outstanding former students.
11. To make use of the knowledgeable services of graduates in academic and organizational improvements.
12. To make a substantial contribution to the nation’s technological and scientific growth.