Malpractice Policy


  • To create academic awareness about the conduct responsible for research, study, project work, assignment, thesis, dissertation, promotion of academic integrity and prevention of misconduct, including plagiarism in academic writing among students, researchers,professors and other academic staff members. Like any employee of the institution.
  • Establish an institutional mechanism through education and training to facilitate the responsible realization of research, study, project work, assignment, thesis, dissertation,promotion of academic integrity and deterrence of plagiarism.
  • Develop systems to detect plagiarism and establish mechanisms to prevent plagiarism and punish a student, faculty or staff of the institution that commits the act of plagiarism.


  • Although the general consensus is that plagiarism is a bad idea, it can be difficult to avoid or discuss it if we have different interpretations of the definition
  • Steal and let go (the ideas or words of another) as their own; Use (the production of another) without crediting the source; Commit literary theft; Present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source.

A Malpractice Policy – Turnitin plagiarism software checking System will be used.