SC / ST Committee

Objectives of the Cell:

  • SC/ST/OBC Cell has been constituted in the Institute to resolve all the affairs and problems related to the SC/ST/OBC Officers, Employees, and Students of the Institute. Following are the important work under SC/ST/OBC Cell:
  • All affairs related to SC/ST/OBC.
  • All affairs related to SC/ST/OBC reservation implemented in the Institute according to Indian Government Policy.
  • Registering the complaints in writing from of SC/ST/OBC teachers, officers, employees, and students and address it to concerned department, person, section for its peaceful resolution.
  • Nomination of SC/ST/OBC students for Cell at Institute level.

Committee Members

Sr. No Name Designation
1 Mr. Aseem Kumar Bachdan Member
2 Mr.Jasvinder Kumar Secretary
3 Mr. Balwinder Kumar Member
4 Mr. Mohan Member

SC / ST Committee Form